Aquarium and semi-aquatic backgrounds showcased in the photo gallery were designed and built by Glenn Minor. Just click the photo below to see Glenn's complete collection.
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Dramatic AquaScapes celebrates do-it-yourself
aquarium and semi-aquatic backgrounds and many other do-it-yourself aquatic projects.
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do-it-yourself aquarium and semi-aquatic background designs beyond the traditional
Show off your craftsmanship! Whether your a full-fledged artist or a weekend do-it-yourselfer, if you've completed a background and managed to take some photos along the way, we'd love to help you share your accomplishment with the community.

Just sign up for a free account in the forums and show us what you've been up to!
Calling all Weekend Artisans!
DIY Aquarium background projects showcased in the community spotlight were designed and built by members of the hobby community and shared for our admiration and enjoyment.

Just click the photo below to check out the complete collection of backgrounds designed and built by Dramatic AquaScapes community members!
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