Dramatic AquaScapes is a resource for
aquarium and semi-aquatic hobbyists who
enjoy the creative process as much as
watching their accomplishment grow
and thrive.

Here, you will find many photos and video
of homemade aquarium and semi-aquatic backgrounds, filters, lighting systems,
and more!
about dramaticaquascapes.com
The community forums are a great
place to share ideas and get help with
a project!
The photo gallery showcases several aquatic landscapes completed by the website author, Glenn Minor.
Check them out!
Check out the latest edition to the Dramatic AquaScapes Youtube Channel!

This video showcases a brand new background design captured on paper template and recreated using Hot Wire Foam Factories Crafters 2.75" Hot Knife Kit!

Check our website this fall for availability of the new design templates!
The do-it-yourself project pages are
the place to go for all kinds of aquarium related projects.
The community spotlight highlights
some very cool aquarium backgrounds completed by community members.