This 20 gallon DIY semi-aquatic background uses an aqueduct style water distribution system at the top of the background to feed three separate waterfalls. The water source is a DIY water bottle power filter hidden in the left corner behind the center island.

Each waterfall provides continuous water movement throughout for visual appeal and the health of this semi-aquatic environment.
DIY Aquarium Background
Three Waterfalls
Construction of this 20 gallon semi-aquatic background began with a used aquarium purchased at a mini-auction during a local fish clubs monthly meeting.

The peanut shaped in the center will be an island and is secured to the bottom of the tank with 100% silicone.

Substrate will go inside and water will circulate thru and around the walls of the island structure.
The climbing rocks are designed to look like naturally occurring waterfalls. In this view, the water channel at the top of the background can be seen which almost spans the entire length of the top of the background.

The water channel will be fed by a power-head pump tucked behind the island and will direct the water flow to the top of all three waterfalls.
Some styrofoam modifications were made after the first coat of cement was applied for asthetic reasons and to help water flow more freely over and around the artificial rock structures.

Working with styrofoam makes it easy to make background design modifications even if the project is well underway.
Several recessed areas were built into the background to provide hiding places for shy tank inhabitants.

Another layer of cement has been applied covering the most recent modifications as well.
A Do-it-yourself Water Bottle / Power Filter will clean the water and feed the waterfalls. An opening was cut in the bottom of the bottle which will be used to insert carbon and filter media and serve as water intake.

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