This 20 gallon DIY semi-aquatic background uses an aqueduct style water distribution system at the top of the background to feed three separate waterfalls. The water source is a DIY water bottle power filter hidden in the left corner behind the center island.

Each waterfall provides continuous water movement throughout for visual appeal and the health of this semi-aquatic environment.
DIY Aquarium Background
Three Waterfalls
After completing the first coat of cement, the waterfalls were tested to see how the water moves over the contours of the cement surfaces. The waterfalls were designed to play a strategic role in efficient water circulation to and from the filter. The goal was also to have minimal splashing so the tank would be reasonably quiet.

This view shows the small center waterfall which will filter thru the substrate once the island is filled and the larger right-most waterfall which will move water across in front of the island back to the hidden filter. A few recessed caves in the rock wall can also be seen.

All cement coats have been applied to the background inside the tank including a final coat with Terracotta color.

The tank has been fully papered and taped and ready for spray-paint. Plain white copy paper was used on each end of the tank to trace the outline of the background sides.

A light was temporarily placed inside the tank to help trace the edge of the background then the plain paper was cut to cover the glass on the front and sides in front of the background.

With a few quick coats of fast drying enamel paint, the less appealing back and sides of the background are covered.
This is one of the rewarding moments. When the stencil and newspaper comes off and the pink styrofoam is no longer visible. Our new manufactured background begins to emulate a natural setting.
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