This 30 gallon DIY aquarium background seemed to be the perfect opportunity to showcase the tree-like piece of Malaysian driftwood. The plant terraces on either side climb to the top of the tank providing opportunity for a variety of artificial plants.
DIY Aquarium Background
Malaysian Driftwood
Each piece of styrofoam was individually installed by attaching it to the glass with 100% silicone.

The 24 inch height combined with the narrow width of the aquarium posed an interesting challenge when installing and modifying the lower pieces.

The small table to the left with the extending arm is a DIY hotwire table built with wood and a piece of nichrome wire from an old toaster.

In the very top left corner, the 12v 1a power supply is partially visible.
In this photo, the lower caves and terraces began to take on some character.

A long narrow bladed fillet knife was used to create more natural looking rock-like contours.
A birds-eye view of the top left side of the background shows the equipment compartment.

The compartment is wide enough to accomodate a combination of traditional aquarium equipment and also safe for fish
to navigate.
This left-side view shows the equipment compartment going all the way to the bottom of the tank. There are several paths for water circulation and fish to navigate thru the compartment.
Some aspects of the background were modified during the build process. One of the plant pockets on the left side, about half way up, was shortened for aesthetic reasons.

The flat brick-like center pieces are all siliconed directly to the glass.

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