DIY Aquarium Background
Malaysian Driftwood
The first coat of acrylic/cement mix has been applied in this picture.This was accomplished more easily by laying the aquarium on it's back while applying the cement.

Copy/printer paper has been temporarily taped to the side of the aquairum to trace the outline of the background.

This is in preparation of painting the exterior of the aquarium to hide the sides and back of the background. Both sides were traced.
The aquarium is fully papered and ready for the enamel spray paint.The exterior glass has also been wiped down with rubbing alchohol to help insure the paint bonds to the glass.

You can see the tall hardware compartments in the back corners facing us.

Fast drying enamel spray paint is usually ready to handle in about 20 minutes, but it's still a good idea to take care when moving your aquairum to avoid scratching the paint.

With the back and sides painted, the paper was removed. Our DIY aquarium background is really starting to look like something interesting.
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Dramatic AquaScapes
This 30 gallon DIY aquarium background seemed to be the perfect opportunity to showcase the tree-like piece of Malaysian driftwood. The plant terraces on either side climb to the top of the tank providing opportunity for a variety of artificial plants.