This 20 gallon background was made almost entirely of scraps of polystyrene left over from previous projects.

Having already completed more than a few of these backgrounds, my scrap collection was getting a bit large. It was a good feeling to recycle.
DIY Aquarium Background
Rock Columns
This 20 gallon column style background was constructed entirely from scrap pieces of styrofoam. With at least seven previous background projects, the scrap collection was getting rather large.

Scrap pieces were stacked, then secured with bamboo skewers, then shaped with a hot wire to create an impression of natural occurring erosion.
This top view shows the opening for the hardware compartment in the back right corner.

Even though the compartment isn't more enclosed like other backgrounds, placement of filters and heaters in this area will still help hide them from view.
The back left corner is even more open, but still designed to allow placement of a heater or filter.

Shadows cast by the columns and forward placement of the light fixture will draw the eye of those enjoying the tank to the front of the colums.
With all pieces siliconed in place, we're ready to start applying cement.
With two layers of cement applied, brown liquid cement color was added to the third and final coat.

A single sided razor blade will be used to remove excessive cement from the glass around the background.
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