How many GPH can the DIY PVC Overflow Handle?

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How many GPH can the DIY PVC Overflow Handle?

Postby 1COATESY1 » Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:13 am

Hello all new fish here.

As the title says im wondering how much the diy pvc overflow made here in the diy section can handle? My tank setup will be the standard 75 gallon with the addition of the diy background idea from here. The fish i plan to have will probably be haps and peacocks. I plan to have a pump from 800-1000 gph to achieve a 10x plus filter rate with a 20g sump and wet/dry filter under the tank. just trying to figure out if this overflow will be big enough or if i need to make one bigger? so just lmk thoughts ideas etc. thanks :D
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Re: How many GPH can the DIY PVC Overflow Handle?

Postby gminor » Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:52 pm

I don't think the DIY PVC overflow project I published in the project pages could handle the flow you're looking for. I used it on my 90 gallon for a while, but I was just using a Danner model 3 pump that moves about 350gph. More flow probably would have been better for the tank though as you suggested.

More recently I've learned how to drill tanks to install overflows that don't rely on maintaining a siphon. The diamond edged drill bits are less then $20 and there are lots of youtube videos with tips how to do it successfully.

If DIY overflows just make more sense for your project, you could make two, one for each back corner of your tank.
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