LED String Lights - Lesson Learned

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LED String Lights - Lesson Learned

Postby gminor » Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:49 pm

Folks, Just wanted to share my lesson learned regarding the string LED's marketed as "Aquarium Coral WHITE 20000K" on ebay. They may be great for accenting a room or the cabin of your boat (if you're lucky enough to own one) but they're not bright enough to adequately illuminate an aquarium. Had I done my homework and paid attention to Lumen's ratings, I could have avoided the cost of the unsuccessful lighting project. I guess I'm the wiser now. :)

The LED fixture I built a few years ago uses 14 10w LED's (140w) and does a pretty good job but light distribution could be better. I built the fixture only about 24 inches long for some reason so now am looking for better lighting for my 75 gallon marine tank.

The "Chinese box" lights tend to run around 165w at about $130 US. From what I'm reading, it's common for folks to use two of these for a 75 gallon aquarium. I'm considering buying a pair of these for better quality and better light distribution over my DIY solution:

VISPARSPECTRA 165w Coral Reef Grow Light
https://www.amazon.com/VIPARSPECTRA-Tim ... ectra+165w

If anyone has any experience with these or another model they recommend I appreciate your feedback!
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