mini overflow and sump for 2.5 gallon

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mini overflow and sump for 2.5 gallon

Postby gminor » Mon Jul 11, 2011 2:26 pm

The inspiration for this project is a 2.5 gallon saltwater tank on my desk at work. Since tank space is very limited, moving as much hardare out of the tank as possible seemed to be a good idea. The sump also adds about 1/4 gallon capacity to the water column which is good too.

mini overflow & sump 01.jpg
1/2 diameter pvc and a 16 cup plastic food container. The short pvc pipe with all the holes is a sleeve for a 10w submersible heater.
mini overflow & sump 02.jpg
a 40w soldering iron was used to cut holes in the lid
mini overflow & sump 03.jpg
a maxi-jet 400 with loose fitting pvc provides just the right amount of water movement thru the system.

The tank in the photo with the diy background was from a previous project and is just used for testing here. The new overflow & sump are being built for another 2.5 gallon fish tank already at work.
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