Changes in products available in 2015

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Changes in products available in 2015

Postby ENFORCER » Thu Jul 30, 2015 6:50 am

Good morning everyone!

I'm pushing forward with the 135g background build for 2015. My last project of white Styrofoam, quickcrete branded wall cement (sifted the fiberglass out), cement dye, acrylic fortifier and GE Silicon II went great! I followed your provided tutorials, advice and everything was smooth as silk. I have a few questions pertaining to current products available at Home Depot and Lowes Hardware for my current project.

[1] I've read recently that GE Silicon II now has mold inhibitors. If this is the case, what's everyone using for their backgrounds? Any name brand or type I should be looking for on the shelf?

[2] A friend of mine I'm currently building with says they don't offer the bags of quickcrete anymore. I found several small plastic 1/2 gallon containers online with "quickcrete brand name." ... Unsure if the same.

[3] Concerning the cement, I've found several variations: Sakret branded cement type I/II, Quickcrete branded buckets (as mentioned above) Hydraulic water-stop cement. The quick-wall bags arent sold in the store anymore where I live. BUMMER! I've heard of people using the Hydraulic cement with ease? Any pointers or possible concerns if I go the same route?

[4] If going with Hydraulic cement, would there be a need for acrylic fortifier?

Thank you for any help provided!

Pictures are from my last build project. I started raising flowerhorn and didnt want any bumps or bruises from the background. I removed and painted the back with latex based paint.

Old build (removed)

Current setup
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