Trying to set up a nice planted tank econimically

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Trying to set up a nice planted tank econimically

Postby JoeH » Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:38 am

Hi guys I have had a planted tank for abt year now but its more been a hodgepodge of cheap cheesy plants. I have a Huge amazon sword that I have cut back some and my baby fish have eaten but I have babies from it in 3 aquariums so its really prolific under the current conditions.

So now I am abt to empty my 75 gal tank and do a nice planted tank. I have to try and get the substrate and water back in it so I can put my fish back in the same day so as not to lose the bacteria from my canister and because I dont want to cram my fish in 5 gal buckets for long. then I can plant the tank slowly over a few days to arrange it. I know it is not the ideal way but I am going to try it.

this will be with CO2 and right now I have borderline med and high lighting.

I run temp at 78 and have a PH of 7.8 which my fish love and my plants seem to like too and would like to use a plant sub substrate that wont alter my PH.

Here are the parts I have ordered so far for my CO2 setup (dunno what I am doing but going by some items I was told I needed)

Regulator: Concoa Dual Stage Gas Regulator Assy Model: 4122331-580

Solenoid: Milwaukee Instruments MA955 Solenoid Valve for Co2 Dosing

Bubble Counter: DICI Professional Aquarium CO2 Bubble Counter w/ Check Valve

I am using Black Beauty medium Blasting material for a ground cover substrate. looks good and plants and fish seem to love it.

now what I don't know:

1: what kind of CO2 reactor I need I was told not to use a diffuser due to wasting a lot of CO2 to use a reactor?

2: What else I need besides the obvious CO2 bottle and tubing?

3: What kind of under substrate to get and use that

a: wont change my PH
b: is fairly inexpensive as I am on a tight budget and have a 75 gal tank to deal with?
c: wont decay and give my tank that river or creek smell (my wife says i need to have it smell fresh and clean lol)
d: maybe some non hobby stuff I can get from local hardware or garden cent?

I guess thats a start for now. will put a couple pics of my earlier attempt til I got some nasty plant eating fish lol


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