Dry Start Method Journal

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Dry Start Method Journal

Postby lordadamar » Sat Jun 22, 2013 3:26 pm

Not your typical DIY on this forum

This project includes

1. MTS ( mineralized top-soil )
2. ECO complete for soil cap and edges
3. DIY C02 ( not using sugar and yeast or a Cylinder )
4. High output 7000k ( 192 leds ) lighting
5. Live plants
a.staurogyne sp. repens
b.cryptocoryne parva
c.Anubias Nana Petite
( 2 more species for back ground are coming )
6. Nazlini petrified wood ( all hard scape )

And to boot this is a DRY START Method ( no water ) except to cover substrate...
The tank is relatively sealed up to maintain 90-100% Humidity and Co2 levels, the ( hygrometer ) is in tank just not in the pics...

Some may ask why do all this.... Well... I wanted to test MTS / Dry start / LED's and this setup could nailed all of them at once.

I left particulars out on purpose I will be going into alot more depth in a future post... so far heres one pic to tease you...
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