Hello and Thank You from Glenn

We already share a pretty special hobby interest so we're mighty glad to meet ya! Tell us a little bit about what part of the world your from and what you enjoy about the aquarium hobby!

Hello and Thank You from Glenn

Postby gminor » Fri Aug 23, 2013 9:24 pm

I have to start my own introduction with a thank you to everyone who has participated in the Dramatic AquaScapes forums. Sharing our own trials and successes in the hobby completes the circle which started when we ourselves were looking for information and advice for our own projects.

My name is Glenn Minor and I live in Lawrence, Kansas located in the central United States. I've enjoyed the aquarium hobby for many years and started building DIY aquarium backgrounds about five years ago. The Dramatic AquaScapes website made its appearance online in 2009 as an extension of my life-long interest in the aquarium hobby and the desire to contribute to this wonderful pastime.

I currently have two freshwater and two saltwater aquariums. My largest is the 90 gallon "rock ledges" in the photo gallery which turned four years old last spring. Rarely a week goes by that I'm not working on some new DIY project for one of my aquariums.

I look forward to the years ahead and the hobby adventures that we'll share.

Glenn Minor
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Re: Hello and Thank You from Glenn

Postby Chief_USN » Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:57 am

Thanks Glenn for the awesome site and awesome DIY ideas. My tank would have never happened without your help and this site.

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Re: Hello and Thank You from Glenn

Postby AaronJ1984 » Sun Sep 01, 2013 8:04 pm

Yes thank you Glenn . This site is amazing . None of my tanks would of been as nice as they are with out your insight and expertise. So glad I came across this site
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