Aquatic Terraces 001 Templates!

Printable templates to make your own Aquatic Terraces 001 background!

Aquatic Terraces 001 Templates!

Postby gminor » Mon Nov 20, 2017 2:40 am

For those of you who have expressed interest in making your own Aquatic Terraces 001 background, please see the .zip download link below. The .zip file contains an Adobe .PDF file which can be printed using free Adobe Reader software.

Please note, the templates are designed to be printed on 8½" x 14" paper generally referred to as "legal" paper which is longer than the more common "letter" sized printing paper.

My original intent was to develop additional support documents and video to help folks use the templates, but my day job and family still takes the lions share of my time.

Here are the basics for anyone who would like to give it a try:
1. Download the templates .zip file below to a computer connected to a printer.

2. Open the .zip file and print the .PDF file on 8½" x 14" printer paper. You might try printing a single page first to make sure it prints correctly since there are several pages.

3. Cut out the paper templates and trace the shapes onto polystyrene sheet. Each template notes the recommended polystyrene sheet thickness for each template piece.

4. Consider hotwire foam cutting tools which are safer and easier to use than edged tools. These folks have some great tools:

Disclaimer: The Aquatic Terraces 001 design templates linked below are free and provided as is. These background projects typically take several hours and some of the tools and materials used in construction can be hazardous. Safe handling is up to the individual making the background. Please work safe and enjoy the process!

Aquatic Terraces 001 Design
Aquatic Terraces 001 Design Templates
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Some additional info/resources:

How to Build Your Own Custom Aquarium Background (Detailed Instruction) ... page1.html

Check out the videos below to get a general sense of what's involved.

Dramatic AquaScapes Aquatic Terraces 001 Part 1

Dramatic AquaScapes Aquatic Terraces 001 Part II
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