Project Materials:
1 3 oz. plastic spice bottle
1 Aquarium Systems Micro-Jet MC320 power head
Some filter floss & carbon

1 bottle of Goo Gone to remove label adhesive
1 15/32 drill bit
Using a drill bit, widen each pilot hole large enough to allow water to easily pass thru, but not wide enough to allow the filter floss to come out.

The MC320 power head is rated at a max of 73 GPH when used in a traditional application, so even with the extra job of moving water thru the filter media, if the holes are too small, the water may spray farther than preferred.

Tear off a piece of filter floss large enough to fill the bottle about half way.

Pack down the floss so it's filling about 1/3 of the bottle then fill the bottle an additional 1/3 with activated filter carbon.

Take the bottle to the nearest sink and run cold tap water thru it for several seconds until the water runs clear again. Screw the cap on and shake out any excess water into the sink. You may need to repeat this a few times to get all the loose carbon powder out.

If you prefer, you use treated/dechlorinated water to rinse the carbon.

Flip the bottle over and attach to the power head with the black adapter.

The water return holes should be facing forward when the power cord is to the left.

3 oz. Spice Bottle Power Filter for desktop aquariums

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