Welcome to the Do-It-Yourself Project pages!
Those of us in the hobby community who consider ourselves do-it-yourselfers know the unique satisfaction of creating something with new purpose from otherwise uninspired materials. Whether it's a do-it-yourself aquarium lighting solution, filtration or custom aquarium background, the unofficial guidelines are it has to be fish friendly, has to hold up well in or around water, and has to serve a beneficial or aesthetic purpose.

The project ideas illustrated in the Dramatic AquaScapes do-it-yourself project pages each represent a working solution made primarily from materials purchased at local hardware, grocery or arts and crafts stores.
How to Build Your Own
Custom Aquarium Background
By Glenn Minor
CFL Plant Light Made
from a Breadpan
Do-it-Yourself Water Bottle Power Filter
Cooking Oil Bottle Overflow
and Sump
Striplight Conversion to CFL for Aquatic Plants
Do-it-Yourself Hanging Pendant CFL Light Fixtures
Safety Disclaimer: Working with power tools, hand tools and electricity, especially in the presence of water, comes with the inherent risk of personal injury or damage to property. By following any project instruction on dramaticaquascapes.com, you acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to know how to safely work with the tools of your choice and understand your local building codes. Dramaticaquascapes.com and their staff are not responsible for personal injury or property damage as a result of following any project instruction on our website. That said, please be safe and enjoy the creative process.
Pinewood Aquarium Stand
PVC Overflow with Multi-Level Intake
3 oz Spice Bottle Power Filter for Desktop Aquariums
Mini 10,000k / Actinic
Hanging Light Fixture
Do-it-Yourself Wet/Dry Filter
DIY Water Bottle Power Filter
with Screw on Cap