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My 125 Gallon DIY Aquarium Background
Andrew Coats
Princeville, Illinois
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I still have to do a few touch-ups and do some filling in of the gaps next to the glass and a couple other spots.
I used 1 1/2 and 2 inch thick sheets of styrofoam. I used approx. 2/3 of a bag of quikrete in 3 coats. I had to do it all in sections of 4 layers as the braces restricted area to maneuver the pieces.
There are 11 caves and I have 2x fx5 filter intakes and outputs hidden behind the wall. This is my first project and took roughly 4 hours per coat of quikrete and probably 5 hours of cutting styrofoam.

I didn't use extruded styrofoam as Lowe's didn't have it in stock. My next background will be made out of extruded because it is much more dense and makes a much smaller mess when shaping.
I know I'm over filtering it but as long as the output isn't too strong this is the way I plan to keep it. I'll get more pics up once I get the substrate added and get my plants to start filling in. I'm using the filters as my CO2 reactors since they pump from the bottom.