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do-it-yourself aquarium and semi-aquatic background designs beyond the traditional
Dramatic AquaScapes
Photo 6

This is how surface skimmer box is look like after completed.
Photo 7

This box is for return water form filters accumulate in and overflow into main tank.
Photo 8

Day 97: Tank was in rinsing cycle. Drain and fill 90% of water every 2 days for 2 weeks.

PH was out of range a day after first fill.

PH become 8 and stable after 3rd rinse onward. PH out of tap is around 7.6.

Photo 9

Surface skimmer is in operation, pre filter sponge is inserted.
Photo 10

Return water box is in operation.
My 150 Gallon DIY Aquarium Background

Bob Kyaw

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