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Hello all,
One day when I was doing a bit of research on the net I come across this site. As I was browsing through Glenn's backgrounds I saw his aquascape #4, and lets just say I was more than impressed.
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My 70 Gallon DIY Aquarium Background

Kodey Turner
Newcastle, Australia
Photo 6 - All the parts I made out of the tank are now in and not looking too bad.
Photo 7 - Finally got all the background up, I think it looks alright, now just have to wait for the silicone to dry and can start putting more coats of the cement mixture on.
Photo 8 - My pure bred border collie, ready to play.
Photo 9 - Well it was a good day for cementing, I got two coats on, took ages but looks really good.
Photo 10 - Another view
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