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Hi, My name is Ryan I am new to the site. This site is full of good ideas for DIY projects. Glenn, your aquascapes are some of the best I've seen!! Keep up the good work. I am building my first aquascape for my African Cichlids.
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My First Aquascape
Ryan Lavigne

Somersworth, New Hampshire
I was very inspired after looking at your backgrounds. My background sides won't go all the way to the glass, just my preference because the side of my tank is exposed. So, I have the end pieces about 3/4 of an inch away from the side of the glass, just enough room to get in and clean the glass from time to time.

I also shaved the edges on the side pieces (next to the glass) so it will still look like rock from the side. The back and bottom of the first pieces (corners) will be siliconed after coated with Quikwall. The back of the tank will be covered with black vinyl. Next, I will piece it together from here, most of the cement work will be done outside the tank. This is a 55 gallon.
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