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I am brand new to the fish keeping hobby. I started a year ago with just a beta and 2 gallon tank. This didn't last long and I wanted bigger. I then decided I really wanted to get into this hobby.
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My 37 Gallon Do-It-Yourself Aquarium Background

Travis Haney
Seattle, Washington
I did my research online and talked to my LFS. I eventually settled on my 37 gallon tall tank. It was a complete kit and I liked the look of it. After the stand was built and tank filled and running through the cycling process, I decided I really wasn't happy with how it looked. I remembered seeing some really cool looking tanks with full rock walls and all the equipment hidden, so back to the Internet.

I searched all kinds of youtube videos, DIY web sites, etc. I happened upon Dramatic AquaScapes through a Google search. The instructions and supplies list on the do-it-yourself page were exactly what I had been looking for so I began the build process. I started in mid-February buying supplies and tools, emptied my tank and took over the spare bed room. I upgraded all my equipment so I could plan the wall around it. Once I started, the build took about a month and three garbage bags of styrofoam shavings. I worked on it on my days off and in the evenings and also made a lot of changes throughout the process. I now have a very cool looking aquarium and happy fish.
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