Pinewood Aquarium Stand

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Project Materials:
- 8 - 2" x4" x8' pine lumber studs
- A small box of 2" wood screws
- 1 bottle of wood glue

- Hand circular saw or Miter saw
- T-Square or other angle measure
- A right angle
- Power drill with countersink bit
- Saw horses or workbench
- Wood clamps
- Power sander or sandpaper

This 15 gallon aquarium stand is being constructed from solid pine wall studs, wood screws and carpenters glue from the hardware store.

After measuring the aquarium frame's width and depth, a front and back piece for the top of the stand are cut to 21" (outer edge) with 45º cuts. Two more pieces are cut to 17¼" for the sides.

A 14" piece with 90º cuts was positioned and glued in the middle. The aquarium will cover the large opening in the top of the stand.

These measurements are just wide enough for the aquarium and will provide an extra 6" shelf in front. The stand top can be built flush with the front of the aquarium if preferred.

With a 30" tall stand as the goal, the stand legs are cut with the circular saw to 28½". This takes into consideration the 1½" thick stand top.

Two pairs of 28½" lumber are attached with countersinked wood screws and glue for each stand leg. One stud per leg would provide plenty of strength, but two studs are used for each leg just for preference.

Two 13¼" cross pieces are cut and attached to each pair of legs with screws and glue.

The right angle is used to insure the cross pieces are straight. This photo shows one of the sides of the aquarium stand.
This photo shows the cross pieces in place.

This stand side is completed and identical to the other side. The seam between the two lumber pieces on each leg points to the side so when viewing the front of the stand the seam will be behind the front facing piece of lumber.

This photo shows the completed top and both sides of the stand.

The more critical measuring and cutting has been done. The rest of the work involves attaching these larger pieces.

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