Anyone ambitious enough to terrace their aquarium with natural rock understands the challenge of restoring things just as they were after a good tank cleaning.

The Stone Terraces idea shown here attempts to make an easier task of maintaining a terraced aquascape.
DIY Aquarium Background
Stone Terraces
The stone terrace desigins in this project were created using a process of casting cement in do-it-yourself silicone molds.

The process began with shaping a master design using air-dry type clay on a board covered with plastic sheeting.

The photo to the left shows the first master design still in clay form.
The black lines on the plastic sheet outline the footprint of a 29 gallon aquarium and helped make sure the design would fit the tank.

The terraces however, can be used in any aquarium that size or larger.
This view shows the upper and lower sections of the stone terrace design.

The compartment is complete when the top piece is positioned over the lower piece.

Once in cement form, the pieces will be heavy enough to stay put and back filled with gravel.
On the project table, two separate distinct designs are shown. The design on the left was built and duplicated several times in cement when it was discovered that it could be positioned in either the left or right corner of the aquarium.

The master clay piece to the right was retired before it ever made it to the mold stage.
View of assembled stone terrace designs still in clay form. Drying air-dry clay is best done slowly, but this weekend artisan was eager to move forward with the project.

Lesson learned, the clay developed some large cracks that had to be repaired with more clay.

Following that, the pieces were allowed to dry on their own time in the basement.
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