Wet / Dry Filter

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The stage 3 7.2 quart container is filled with 24 plastic pot scrubbers. This inexpensive bio-media is recognized by the hobby community as an excellent media for cultivating aerobic bacteria due to the high surface area and non-toxic material.

Biological filtration is accomplished when aquarium water with excess ammonia, nitrites or nitrates passes thru the pot scrubbers and come in contact with the aerobic bacteria. This bacteria typically takes at least two weeks to begin growing once the filter is in operation.

A row of large drainage holes have been drilled in each side of the stage 3 container which releases filtered water to the 10 gallon aquarium sump.

This photo shows all three stages of filtration in their respective positions.

The stage 1 polyester blue foam basket is inserted in the stage 2 container and compresses the white filter floss.

This assembly sits on top of stage 3 holding the yellow pot scrubbers.

The stage 2 container (with stage 1 inside) latches closed just as stage 3, quickly and easily.

The entire assembly dry weighs just a few pounds. Raising the containers illustrates that the lid on stage 3 is attached to the stage 2 container.

This was done to insure the containers stay together while the filter is in operation.

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