Since I possessed a 150g tank, I always wanted to build a DIY Background. I searched thru Internet and found out that most people did it by sculpting out form big block of styro but sculpting is not my thingy.

Then, one day I stumbled across this site “”. I rested my eyes on Glenn's design and idea; just cut out blocks from styro sheet, stack and glue together; that’s brilliant, easy, neat and unique. I can do that! Soon after going thru many projects of others in forum, this project was given birth on 1st Jan 2012.

It took me 3 months to finish, another 2 weeks for going thru rinsing cycle and finally able to add livestock. Patience is virtue.
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Photo 1

Day 1 : Starting with gluing styro sheets to sides, back and bottom of the tank, including attaching 2 small glass tanks to both side. Aquarium safe 100% silicon was used.

Photo 2

Day 30: Build inlet pipe which will draw water to filter into background.
Photo 3

Day 49: After completed stacking and gluing of styro blocks to left side, applied first layer of Grout (literally a mixture of cement and sand) mix with cement strengthener (bonder) to test out.
Photo 4

Day 71: First stage was eventually completed. Waited one whole week to let silicon cure.
Photo 5

Day 85: Final layer was applied and waiting to cure.
My 150 Gallon DIY Aquarium Background

Bob Kyaw

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