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Dramatic AquaScapes
Photo 1

Before transformation. Standard 75G All-Glass Aquarium. Kind of plain, standard household aquarium with community fish.
Photo 2

Started cutting and laying out the foam. My technique and design changed numerous times as can be seen in future pics compared to this one.

Since my tank was in use, I had to mark out the internal dimensions of the aquarium on my build table.
Photo 3

Starting to like what I saw, I went with this design for the rest of the build. Some caves and the filter intakes for 2 AquaClear 110's are labeled.
Photo 4

Third bottom section and the beginning of the heater compartment.
Photo 5

Using two drills to apply weight to the layers as the silicone dried.
My 75 Gallon DIY Aquarium Background
Chad Fromme
California, Maryland
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75 Gallon All-Glass Aquarium setup as a community tank. I stumbled upon this site researching filters. I instantly shifted my interest to backgrounds. Whole project took approx. 2 months following Glenn's step by step instructions in the DIY Project section above.