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Hello all,
One day when I was doing a bit of research on the net I come across this site. As I was browsing through Glenn's backgrounds I saw his aquascape #4, and lets just say I was more than impressed.
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My 70 Gallon DIY Aquarium Background

Kodey Turner
Newcastle, Australia
It didn't take me long to decide that I had to build one of my own. First thing though, finding the tank that I want. What seemed to take forever, I finally found the one I was looking for, a 3' x 2' x 2' 70 Gallon. It was also set up with a sump and a weir, which I thought would be good as I wouldn't have to worry too much about hiding equipment behind the background.

The next problem I encountered was the products that Glenn suggested, as I live in Australia, many of the products suggested are not available. But with patience and more research, including talking with different companies about their products, I eventually found things that I could use. Without further hesitation here are some pics.
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Photo 1 - Getting the shape of the foundations that I wanted.
Photo 2 - Getting a vision of how it is looking and what to do next now that the main pieces are together.
Photo 3 - First Coats
I used high quality GP (General Purpose) Cement and added a product called Hydrocrete made by a company called BondAll, it helps the cement bond to the glass and foam and makes it very strong, almost like an epoxy, and just for the colour i added Oxide Powder.

I got all I needed from Bunning warehouse but I suppose most hardware stores would have it. The Hydrocrete is quite costly at about $30 a litre and it looks like I'm going to need about two litres. I am putting on a fair few coats though.
Photo 4 - Here you can see the overflow and next to it another boxed off section where I put an airstone and heater.
Photo 5 - This is the return area for the filtered water, will also put in an airstone for circulation and also a small pump to give the water surface movement.