This project is a freshwater to saltwater conversion of the Betta Paradse aquascape in the Photo Gallery.
This 2.5 gallon desktop aquarium so far has defied the rule that a successful saltwater aquarium must be considerably larger.

In defense of the original theory though, selection of tank mates for an environment this small is rather limited without close daily monitoring of water parameters.

The emerald crab above has done well in the confined space. We're not sure what inspired the upside down pose.
A diy "spice bottle power filter" made from a 3 .oz plastic bottle and a Micro-Jet MC320 power head is tucked in the corner behind the background.

The visible portion is actually the bottom of the bottle with holes drilled in the edge for the water return.

The power head is underneath pushing water thru the bottle, which is filled with filter floss. Activated carbon could easily be added between layers of floss if desired.
The emerald crab has decided he owns the natural coral centerpiece of this mini marine aquascape.

While he's shown no actual aggression toward his tank mates, he will wave them off with a large green claw if they swim too close.
A 10 watt Marineland self adjusting submersible heater hidden behind the right side of the background keeps the water temperature stable throughout the day.

Prior to installing the heater, the aquarium temperature would change as much as 4 degrees each day. Not a good thing for any size aquarium.
Two 6500k led diy pendant lights are a carry-over from the aquariums past as freshwater mini-scape, but a lighting solution designed to better meet the needs of a saltwater environment is being researched.

For the time being, the lights are a good temporary solution for their size and cool operating temperature.
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