This project is a freshwater to saltwater conversion of the Betta Paradse aquascape. To see the original build details on this background, click here.
DIY Aquarium Background
2.5 Gallon Mini Marine

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This red leg reef hermit crab is another example of a very tolerant marine critter good for confined spaces.

They also do a great job cleaning up any uneaten food and are fun to watch tumble around the tank.
This natural coral still has a few sparse remnants of purple coralline algae.

Unfortunately, the emerald crab likes this stuff too and picks at it between his meals of nutrient enriched dried algae.
The largest of a few glass anemones that were unintentionally added to the tank has anchored itself to the base of the natural piece of coral.

While these are normally considered pests, this pet store stowaway is doing well (as expected) and has captured the interest of several folks in the office so will be allowed to stay.

So far, there haven't been any confrontations with tank mates.
The reading glasses reveal the scale of this tiny marine environment.

A yellow-tail damsel, an emerald crab, two red leg reef hermit crabs and two or three glass anemones keep things interesting in this otherwise typical office space.
Click the play button to the left to see a short video of the 3 .oz spice bottle power filter built for this mini aquascape.
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