Project Materials:
1 3 oz. plastic spice bottle
1 Aquarium Systems Micro-Jet MC320 power head
Some filter floss & carbon

1 bottle of Goo Gone to remove label adhesive
1 15/32 drill bit
3 oz. Spice Bottle Power Filter for desktop aquariums

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This three oz. Lawrys garlic salt bottle serves our DIY purpose well with it's straight sides and flat top.

With the paper label removed using some Goo Gone adhesive remover, we're ready to make one of the worlds smallest power filters.
Using a15/32 drill bit, drill a hole in the top of the spice bottle about 1/4 off center.

The goal, whether the Lawreys bottle or another spice bottle is used, is to position the hole so once the bottle is attached, the new hole is not obstructed by the bottle. (You shouldn't see the lip of the bottle thru the hole)
The step drill bit used in this project does a great job of making clean cuts in plastic and aluminum.

While the initial outlay of around $17.00 for this bit took some time to justify, it's money well spent.

Insert the black adapter from the MC320 power head into the 15/32 hole in the green top. It should fit securely.

One side of the black adapter will fit perfectly in the hole we just cut. The other side is a different diameter and will attach to the powerhead.

To position the water return holes to return filtered water from the front of the spice bottle filter, first, look thru the clear bottom of the bottle and position the black adapter at the 12:00 position.

Then, using a T-pin or other similar tool, make 5 or 6 pilot holes between the 3:00, and 6:00 o'clock positions.

These pilot holes will make it easier to control the drill bit in the next step.

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